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We purchase insurance policies for many reasons. We need to cover ourselves in the event that some unforeseen disaster arises so that we can avoid financial ruin that often would otherwise follow a fire, a flood or some type of medical emergency. We need to feel reassured that we have the protection we need to simply take on the everyday risks that await us in life, and that’s an especially strong instinct if we have families and we want to provide for them should we suddenly be killed. We purchase auto insurance not only because we want protection, but because it’s the law of the land.

Unfortunately, more than 27,000 people are injured in Nevada car accidents every year, which means that thousands of insurance claims are filed across the state on an annual basis. Most people have no real idea what it’s like to work with an insurance company other than to pay them premiums and to renew their policies until they desperately need their help. Sadly, many people who find themselves in this position are sorely disappointed when they realize that they are getting the runaround and that their insurance company or the one protecting the driver who caused a crash is not working for their best interests.

It is precisely this type of a situation that would be tremendously aided by the involvement of a Henderson car accident lawyer. Someone who represents clients who have been wrongfully injured in these incidents will understand what needs to be done in order to bring about a fair and equitable resolution to the matter. People who are injured in crashes can face hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in losses, and insurance companies will not generally offer those sums early on in the claims process.

Bernstein & Poisson has been fighting for the rights of those harmed in these crashes for 30 years, and during that time we have earned the reputation that allows us to get things done. That’s because we deal directly with the insurance company and/or any defense attorneys who may be involved and provide them with a framework for what is going to be necessary in terms of compensation in order to resolve the issue. Failure to work within those reasonable terms will lead to the next step, which is filing a Nevada personal injury lawsuit. Failure to act reasonably at that point will lead us directly to trial where we will fight for a verdict that’s favorable to our client.

We have done this innumerable times over the past three decades, and we will never stop being ready to do it again. The last thing you need if you’ve been injured in a crash or you’ve lost someone you love because of negligent driving is another fight that you didn't ask for. Instead, if you face this situation, contact Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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